Review: Pudology Dairy And Gluten Free Pots


Veganism is taking over UK supermarkets, and you know that takeover is almost complete when 100% vegan chocolate puddings are becoming the norm. Pudology believes that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious desserts, and we agree!

“We realised in 2010 that there very few tasty treats for people who had a dairy and egg intolerance! We were determined to create treats that were both delicious and gluten free.”

“Pudology is passionate about creating the most tasty and delicious Gluten Free Desserts!  We are constantly developing and improving  new desserts and treats and looking at what our wonderful customers would like!” 

We were lucky enough to be sent 4 of their fabulous flavours; Banoffee, Millionaire, Chocolate and Chocolate Orange.

We’re not massive lovers of Alpro’s dessert pots, so admittedly had some reservations. I’m also not a fan of dark chocolate, so am always cautious when it comes to chocolate desserts.

Luckily, we were proved well and truly wrong.

Nat’s favourite thing possibly in the entire world is millionaire shortbread, and he inhaled the pot in about 5 seconds.

The chocolate was creamy and rich (but not too dark at all), and the shortbread at the bottom crumbled away perfectly.

The caramel was a brilliant consistency, and was really easy to eat. He couldn’t fault it at all!

I dived straight into the Banoffee, the perfect dessert for any banana lover. Although the flavours were really strong and tasted amazing, the texture was not quite as great as the millionaire shortbread.

The Banoffee flavour

The banoffee was a little runny, so the three layers kind of mixed after a few spoonfuls, leaving the chocolate layer to merge with the banoffee.

However, the toffee and banana sauce was sweet and succulent, not too sickly and it went down a treat.

We are yet to try the orange and the chocolate flavours, however might try them out on unsuspecting friends and family to see if they can tell they’re vegan.

We really, really loved our Pudology desserts, and are so excited about the fact that such vegan desserts are now readily available.


They are also a great size, and could easily fit in a lunch box or slide into a full fridge.

You wouldn’t realise they were dairy free unless someone told you, making them perfect for absolutely everybody, vegan or not!

Pudology is available in Holland And Barrett, Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, and cost £2.99 for a pack of two.

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