Review: S-Works Road Shoe

S-works shoe

The S-Works road shoe is in the high end bracket of the market and thought of by pros to be one of the best shoes up there. You can pick a pair up for a fairly hefty $300+ (£155) and they come in a number of colour variations; I went for the fully black pair with minor red detailing on the BOAs.

The shoe looks spectacular, from both close up and from a distance they stand out and are immediately eye catching. The detail is impressive and they’re one to impress on a club ride.

Over the years some people have complained that the S-Works shoe is always too narrow around the toes leading to some people to feel numbness in their toes. Being one of the unfortunate few with wide feet, since using the shoe for the past year and a half, I haven’t experienced any numbness or the so called ‘hot-foot’- in fact it’s been the most comfortable road shoe I’ve ever owned.

Besides the superb comfort, the weight of the shoe comes in at a mere 450g which is fairly featherweight as far as shoes go. Additionally, the stiffness of the carbon sole is perfect. You can feel that the power goes straight to the pedals and powers the bike forward. With some less expensive shoes, you can sometimes feel a slight flex in the sole, most notably when sprinting and putting out a high wattage. However, this said, they still maintain a level of compliance and comfort which means it doesn’t feel you’re kicking a concrete pillar every time you stamp down.

After crashing only 6 months into owning them and destroying two BOAs and tearing a small slice of carbon on the right foot sole, it would’ve been a waste to replace them. A year on, (with replaced BOAs) the shoe performs as it did when new and maintain the stiffness and comfort, the only noticeable wear is scuffs to the sole of the shoe which are caused from putting your foot down at lights or walking around in them- to be expected with any carbon based soled shoe. Additionally, over the years I’ve heard people’s skepticism of the retention system but it has worked without fail for the past year and a half. The BOAs system works flawlessly and holds your foot firmly in place and after crashing they happily sent me free replacement BOAs which I was able to attach myself with ease.

The S-Works Road Shoe is available for $300+/£155 and comes in a variety of colours. They’re currently on offer as the new model has recently come out so I would suggest jumping on the price drop while it lasts!


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