Review: Specialized Airnet

specialized airnet

The Specialized Airnet is the American giants attempt at creating a perfectly balanced aerodynamic and functional helmet. By mixing and matching parts of Specialized helmets that already existed (Prevail and the Evade) they were able to create the Airnet.

The Airnet sits nestled between the Prevail and Evade in terms of aerodynamics, with Specialized claiming that on a 40km route the Evade saves 46 seconds over the Prevail while the Airnet saves 21 seconds over the Prevail. Similarly the Specialized Airnet also sits between the two in terms of ventilation. Boasting a large number of vents keeps your head cool on some of the hottest days and, although it won’t stand up to some of the most vented helmets on the market, it still has a good stab at keeping our heads from overheating.

Specialized airnet

Unsurprisingly, it is also one of the most comfortable helmets I’ve ever worn, this is a common theme with the Specialized helmets. Sitting comfortably on the head, you’re able to completely forget about it even on longer rides where your usual helmet may start to give you a headache after a few hours. The retention system is placed at the rear of your helmet against the back of your head and helps to keep the Airnet snugly in place meaning there’s no faffing around mid-ride  to reposition it after your helmets bounced around. Not only is it comfortable but it also looks good, really good. The model I have is matte black, the shape is based on the Evade meaning it retains a very sleek and stylish look.

Coming with an attachable fabric visor means you can battle the elements by pointing it down to stop the rain/sun getting in your face or alternatively stick it up and continue to strive to be the messiah of fashion. Additionally, the Airnet has small rubber pads on the front vents to help you secure your sunglasses when they’re not being worn- particularly handy if you’re up for early morning rides that span later in the day.


All in all the Specialized Airnet is a quality helmet and a brilliant addition if you’re looking for both aerodynamic capabilities and day to day functionality. At a relatively affordable price and attractive features it’s a no-brainer if you’re in the market for a helmet.

The Airnet is available in 5 colours and retails at £100/$208SGD.


Final Verdict
  • Specialized Airnet


The perfect all round helmet, stylish, aero and it feels super secure and protective.

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