Review: Specialized Power Expert

Photos: Dino Lloyd

The Specialized Power Expert has gotten some pretty raving reviews. From Bike Radar to Cycling Weekly, everyone seems to have good things to say about it. Designed for both men and women, its design is meant to be comfortable even in the most aero of positions.

So, is it really as good as the online reviews? I’ve been searching for the ‘perfect’ saddle since I started riding over a year ago, and decided to see for myself.


I went for the Specialized Power Expert, and not the S-Works model. £70 is pretty much as high as I would be willing to pay for a saddle, so I was really hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed.

However, compared to the prices of Fizik and Selle Italia, I definitely thought that it was pretty reasonable. As I found out, the price definitely matches the quality and the comfort of the saddle.

Photos: Dino Lloyd


Give me the worlds ugliest saddle, and as long as it’s comfy, I will use it. I find saddles so unbearable that even a 30km ride is a very painful experience.

So imagine my joy when I FINALLY find a saddle that will allow me to do 70km+ with next to no discomfort.

The Specialized Power Expert is not soft or squishy, and only has a ‘Level 2 padding’. It feels a little odd at first, if like me you’re used to more padding. However, the lack of this padding means that I move around a lot less on the saddle than before. Meaning, I can focus more on my actual cycling.


I got the 155mm width, between the shorter 133 and longer 168. I immediately noticed that for the first time since riding, my seat bones were actually making contact with the saddle. Although this meant a tad of discomfort for the first ride, I instantly got used to it. After all, I’ve never sat on these bones when riding before!

By finally sitting on my bones like you’re supposed to, all the pressure is moved from the soft tissue to the bones. This means no numbness, no burning, and no cutting rides short.

The cut out in the middle of the saddle really helps too. It allows your blood to flow and tissue to be pressure free.


What truly impresses me about the Specialized Power Expert is that it lives up to its promise. It genuinely is unisex, and is comfortable for women too. When women’s saddles can look bulky and unprofessional, this looks sleek and smart.

This is 100% the best £70 that I have ever spent, and there is nothing that I dislike about this saddle.

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