Review: Teeny Weeny Treats


Everyone loves to snack, and sometimes you need something just a little healthier than Tostitos at 2am or vegan ice cream after dinner. So why not try some raw oat balls from Teeny Weeny Treats, in delicious flavours such as Mocha, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Nutty Nut?

We were lucky enough to try each of these bite sized flavours ourselves, so what do we think?

Nutty Nut:


When I was younger, I was so obsessed with flapjacks that I ate them until I became physically sick of them. Luckily, enough time has passed and I can finally enjoy that oaty goodness again, with these reminding me why I loved the taste so much in the first place.

They’re as nutty as they are oaty, and I liked how the two flavours combined so that it wasn’t too much of one or the other. They’re much more moist than regular flapjacks, and seem much sweeter. They’re not sickly or too filling, but I did find that eating a few did take the edge off any hunger I had!

Chocolate Peanut Butter:

Chocolate and peanut butter are two of my favourite things in the whole world, so the two combined are always going to be a great mix. They’re distinguished by the little sprinkles on top (which are also super cute).

Although a little less peanut buttery than I expected, the flavour was still noticeable and it worked well with the chocolate. The chocolate makes these even more moist and sticky than the Nutty Nut Teeny Weeny Treats.

As a hater of all snacks dry, this is exactly what I’m looking for in an oat based treat.


Admittedly, I’m not much of a coffee lover at all, so I was a little sceptical to try this flavour out. However, thankfully I didn’t find myself spitting it out like any coffee I’ve ever tried! In fact, the Mocha flavour is so subtle that even those who aren’t the biggest fan of coffee can appreciate them.

With a slightly earthy and almost warm taste to it, this is more of an acquired taste than the other treats. Nevertheless, if you’re a coffee fiend, these will definitely be right up your street!

Thoughts On Teeny Weeny Treats:

As well as having one of the cutest names of a business I’ve ever heard, I love the simplicity behind their products. With only a handful of ingredients and a growing range of flavours, this is a Singaporean company the vegan community should come behind and support.

With new flavours such as Oreo coming out soon and plans to bring out cereal bars in the future, watch this space for Teeny Weeny Treats!

Whether you like your traditional oaty flavours or something a little different, try all three and find your favourite!

  • Teeny Weeny Treats Score Big!

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