Review: Thriva Blood Test, Can You Really Take Your Own Blood?


As someone who doesn’t even know what blood type they are, let alone had their blood tested, I was ecstatic to try my very own test in the comfort of my own home.

We got sent a Thriva blood test, in which I take my own blood, send it to them in the post, and get my results 48 hours later.

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What does it test?

We tried the ‘Baseline test’, in which they test your;

  • Vitamin D
  • B12
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Liver function
  • Cholesterol
  • Gamme GT

And much more technical stuff!

How do you take your own blood?

It might conjure up an image of extreme blood and gore, however taking my own blood ended up being easy and pretty much painless.

thriva blood test
See, no visible needles at all.

You get sent a tiny device that you push onto your finger, and before you know it you have blood ready to squeeze into the tube.

You never actually see a needle, and the prick is so quick and small you wouldn’t even feel it in day to day life. Think of it like picking up the end of an earring too quickly, that’s the amount of pain!

I did however make a little bit of a mess, as getting blood into the tube can be a bit technical. The only solution I could think of was perhaps supplying a small funnel of some kind, so it doesn’t get quite so messy!

thriva blood test
The result of my clumsiness!

Now what?

Then all you do is package up your Thriva blood test in the provided bag, post it, and done! You can find your results online in less than 48 hours, and it’s really in depth.

What were my results?

Luckily, they were pretty good! I was bang on for almost every baseline tested, apart from one major factor.

Turns out the trolls are right, my B12 was really low!

Of course this won’t be the case for all vegans, and in fact most non-vegans are B12 deficient too.

However, for me it was good news, as it means now I can do something about it. Normal levels should be about 300, yet mine was in the 70’s, meaning I really need to start looking after it.

So now I’ve got an appointment with the GP sorted for some B12 shots, and I can live comfortably knowing I’m not dying of a protein deficiency!

Perhaps the best part about the Thriva blood test, is that I will be sent another in a few months time. This means I can see how the B12 shots have helped, and if all my other baselines are still good.

It was genuinely really quick and easy, and not at all painful. Now, instead of waiting a week for a GP appointment and another week for results, you can do both in the space of 2 days.

I really, really recommend this for any vegans out there, just to make sure that your levels are all okay. It only takes a few minutes out of your day, and the results could help you feel much better.

Please note, Thriva sent us our test kit for free, however, this review is in no way sponsored and our views are an honest assessment of the product.


    • The GP was unsurprisingly pretty useless, she ended up looking on Wikipedia when I was right in front of her! She made me get another blood test to test my folate and double check the B12, but the results didn’t even include B12 so waiting to see her about it! It’s ridiculous how unprepared or logical GP’s are when it comes to vegan health.

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