Review: Tofuture Tofu Press

tofuture tofu press review

We were recently given the opportunity to try the Tofuture tofu press which promises delicious tasting tofu and an amazing texture!

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of tofu. I’ve always found it slightly rubbery and never packed with too much flavour.

Perhaps that’s because I’ve always found it too much effort to take the time, pile some heavy books and manually try to press a block of tofu. It’s always been too much of a painful process that I simply didn’t bother.

In steps Tofuture’s tofu press. We recently received a press to try out and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

You can buy Tofuture’s tofu press directly from Amazon by clicking here.

The process is really simple. You insert the block of tofu into the press and use the elasticated press handles to squeeze down the tofu. Much easier than digging out a bunch of old books, pans or anything else heavy I can find!

Tofuture have actually made a really helpful video on the whole process:

It then goes in the fridge and stays pressing for the desired time depending on what you’re making with the tofu. Tofuture recommends:

  • Short press, 15-30 mins – for ‘cheese’ sauce, ‘chocolate’ mousse or ‘cheese’cake
  • Medium press, 1-2 hours – for pasties, quiches and pies
  • Long press, 4 hours to overnight – for stir-fries, kebabs and baked tofu

When squeezed, the tofu loses its water. The benefits of that? The tofu absorbed the marinade so much better. In my case, I was using the tofu to make a stir-fry.

I left the press in the fridge overnight and got it out the next morning, drained the water and marinaded the tofu.

Threw everything into a pan and cooked the stir-fry. As you might remember at the start I mentioned I’ve never particularly liked tofu because I’ve typically found it doesn’t have much flavour.

This time it was completely different. The tofu had soaked up the flavours and made it a really good part of the meal.

The fact that it was so simple and so easy to use the tofu press made me actually want to use tofu again. The tofu press removed the painful aspect of using tofu and gives you everything you need in a neat little package.

I’d recommend Tofuture’s tofu press to tofu lovers and sceptics alike. Having the easy process and delicious flavours meant I was quickly converted and really enjoyed the tofu the press allowed me to make. The ease of the process was a big game changer and allowed me to enjoy making a much more flavourful tofu.

The tofu press retails for £24.99 on Amazon. Or you can find it at one of Tofuture’s stockists here.

To find out more about Tofuture, head on over to their website where you can find recipe ideas and more information about the press.

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