Review: Votch Vegan Watches – Worth The Money?

votch vegan watches

Veganism is well and truly taking over the world (at last!), and the success of Votch vegan watches is one way of reflecting this. Launched only this year, all but three of their designs have completely sold out! I was lucky enough to be given one this Christmas, but do they live up to the £120 price tag?

I must mention that I’m not a big spender, so although £120 isn’t much for a watch, it really is for me! So what do you get with these Votch vegan watches?

Well, you get a range of classy and classic colour combinations, with one to suit every style out there. I got the grey and rose gold (which I utterly adore), and it suits my pale complexion perfectly.

votch vegan watches
My colour scheme

A percentage of their profits is also donated to a different animal charity every 3 months. A massive 10% from every sale goes to these charities! That’s £12 per customer!

Even if these watches were ugly as hell I would still love the message behind the company, but luckily they’re gorgeous designs.

They’re unisex but the proportions are also just right for the femininity of women’s hands, and don’t look too overbearing or tacky at all.

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They come in gorgeous packaging, and really give a sense of class and luxury, which is probably why they did so well this Christmas!

If I had to be really picky, I would perhaps suggest making the strap fit thinner wrists. I have pretty small wrists, but at a size 10 and 5ft7 I wouldn’t say they’re the smallest out there! However, I do have to wear it on the smallest hole possible, and can’t help but imagine that for lots of petite girls out there even the tightest won’t be enough.

I also need to figure out a way to clean the strap, as I’ve only had it a few weeks and I’m already worrying it’s not as clean as when it first arrived!

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From the hand written note to the charity donations, this company is one I want to wrap in cotton wool and read good night stories too. It seems so pure and good, and I adore the work that they are doing. I wear my cruelty free and stunning watch everyday, and it’s a constant reminder of the good that veganism can achieve. Votch vegan watches prove exactly what is possible.

These are worth every single penny. Outstanding quality, design and ethics, I simply can’t fault them! Congratulations on your amazing Christmas Votch, onwards and upwards!


  1. I’m looking at buying the same Votch as you. It’s so cute! The one thing I’m worried about is it getting dirty. How’s it been doing? Has the grey gotten darker? ~S

    • It’s such a cute watch, it goes with almost anything! I’ve found it to actually stay pretty clean, and I’ve had it for years now. I think the strap may it may have gotten a tiny bit darker, but it doesn’t look dirty at all and still looks just as beautiful. Lydia 🙂

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