Rio 2016- The Dark Environmental Truth


Rio 2016 is now well underway, and it’s hard to forget their spectacular opening ceremony. Highlighting our never ending disregard for the environment, millions and millions of people around the world paid attention. But what will happen now?

In an ideal world, you’d think the world would listen to a country who’s rain forests are being destroyed and is pleading for help. Yet, chances are that nothing at all will happen as a result. Perhaps the saddest thing I’ve seen, are the responses from climate change deniers.

amazon cow

Labelling the ceremony as ‘climate change propaganda from the left’ and other ridiculous statements. What exactly is climate change propaganda? Wanting to protect the earth and its inhabitants for the future? Sounds like a positive kind of propaganda to me.

Yet, the answer is right under our noses, and on our plates. Whereas most ways to alter climate change will take decades to kick in, cutting down on meat consumption will have almost an immediate effect. The Amazon loses 150 acres every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year, and Brazil is suffering for it, along with the rest of the world.


And what is the leading cause of this deforestation?

Cattle ranching is the leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. 

If we stopped eating meat, C02 would go down, greenhouse gases would be reduced, waste washed into the ocean would be diminished and less space would have to be destroyed to raise livestock. Our planet is dying, and it’s getting to the point where Oscar speeches and the Rio 2016¬†have to be used to plead. ‘Please, take notice’.

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3 primary gases are the cause of global warming. C02, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide.

Chickens, turkey, pigs and cows are the BIGGEST methane producers in the U.S., with methane being 20x more powerful at trapping in heat in the atmosphere than c02. Isn’t the answer clear?

What Should We Learn From Rio 2016?

The disregard for our environment can not go on anymore. Grass-fed livestock being used as a more ‘ethical’ way to eat meat only harms the environment more. It’s inefficient, requires much more space than factory farming and destroys the land that the livestock lives on.


There is no environmentally safe or humane way to raise livestock for meat, and it’s about time we all took notice. There is only so much more our environment can take, and recycling your newspapers and changing to energy efficient light bulbs just won’t do it anymore.

Do YOUR part in saving the environment, and reduce the demand for meat today.

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