Ripple Launches New Milk And Plans For Vegan Ice Cream


Ripple Foods, a business well known for their plant based foods have just debuted their latest flavour. Alongside the new milk, Ripple also announced the arrival of a vegan Greek yogurt and the development of a new line of vegan ice creams.

“We noticed the current options were a bit limited in terms of texture, flavor, and healthy fats. Our goal was to create a creamy, delicious product with a healthy plant-based fat content that works well both in coffee and while cooking or baking.”– Adam Lowry, Co-founder of Ripple. Lowry also tweeted back in March, specifically saying that “it’s going to be excellent for alfredo sauces”.


According to Live Kindly:


Ripple creates dairy replacement products through a process in which pea proteins are isolated, stripping the compound or ‘pea’ taste. These stripped proteins have very similar nutritional content to dairy products.

Milk derived this way is not only good for your health, but has a ripple effect on the environment too. Weighing in at 25x less water usage than dairy milk and 100x less than almond, Ripple also claim their milk produces half the greenhouse emissions when compared to poor daisy’s!


Lowry added: “Anywhere you have a plant-based protein is a space we could potentially play.” 

Adding,“We don’t have any business plans to get into the meat world, but clearly the technology that we have could really apply to the meat substitute world.” 

Cost is a major influence which product a customer purchases. Ripple have kept that in mind. They will now ensure all of their products are priced lower than any animal based counterparts, giving consumers one more reason to choose a vegan option.

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