Rosie Fortescue Supports The Worlds Cruelest Industry


Rosie Fortescue is a reality TV celebrity and fashion blogger. If you’re female and between the ages of 15-35, chances are you know who she is. She’s got such a huge online following, that you’d think she’d be able to use her online presence for good. However, it’s recently been made clear she is influence by money, self obsession, and nothing else.

Rosie recently took to Instagram to showcase her new outfit, which was clearly a sponsored post.

rosie fortescue

Fur has to be one of the cruelest trades around, yet Rosie Fortescue is here being paid by a company to promote it to her young audience. When you go onto FabulousFurs website, you’ll see that this coat retails at over £400, and their products are made from fox and raccoon skin.

It’s honestly extremely disappointing that in this day and age, people with more money than sense promote this kind of cruelty. Faux fur is readily available and designers such as Stella McCartney prove you don’t need animal skin to be fashionable.

However, here Rosie is. Wearing the skin of dozens of animals, because she got paid by a company to do so.

Does Rosie Fortescue know what she’s encouraging others to contribute to? Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in cramped wire cages. They use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gas, and poison. Is this worth a tacky coat?

More than 50 million animals are killed each year for their fur. Look at the size of Rosie’s coat. That coat alone would have required dozens of animals to be brutally murdered.

Rosie Fortescue gets even worse

Perhaps the worst part of this Instagram post, is the way Rosie and her team dealt with the backlash. It was extremely promising to see hundreds of disgusted comments about her fur, yet all were deleted within an hour.

14795910_10209007303158533_1956678226_o 14786870_10209007303198534_225100804_o

This would happen again and again, leaving behind comments only by fellow fur hags, and blogging accounts which would spam the feed with heart eyes.

How pathetic does this look?

I find it unbelievably disgusting that as well as having the audacity to wear and promote fur, she micro manages her account in this way. No one is allowed to oppose her decision to wear the skins of other animals, and if you do you’ll be blocked from her page.

I was blocked from her Instagram and twitter, and had all my comments deleted. This happened to every single person who commented something going against her fur, and it’s utterly pathetic.

This is where your ‘gorgeous’ fur coat comes from Rosie. Still feel glamorous?

This woman cares only about how much the fur company is paying her, and nothing else. If she truly didn’t care about the reaction to her decision, why manage the post in this way? Why not keep all the comments? There were at least 5 times as many negative comments as there were positive, yet all have now been deleted.


Please Rosie, educate yourself before you attach your name to such a cruel industry. Be like Stella McCartney and put your money and fame to good use. Fur hags don’t need any more encouragement to support the fur industry.

The fur industry is one of greed. You don’t need it to survive, nor is it cheaper than other alternatives (excuses given for eating meat). Fur is bought by those with too much money, and no compassion. It’s the most selfish industry around, and it needs to be stopped.

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