Rotting Animals Found Strewn Across Kent Farm


Warning: Some readers may find the following article distressing.

Dead, dying and decomposing animals have been found strewn across the grounds of a Kent farm, a local resident claims.

Green Luck Farm in High Halden, Kent, has allowed pigs, lambs and cows to be left in horrific conditions. As a result, remains and carcasses have been buried in mud, stuffed in plastic sacks and scattered across the land.

A pile of dead lambs scattered by a fence line.

A local resident came across the horrific conditions on the farm and claims that the RSPCA and DEFRA have shown no interest in saving the animals that have survived.

Speaking to Veggie Athletic, the source described how animals have been left wandering onto the road in a desperate attempt to find food.

Plastic sacks show they are filled with dead lambs.

Lambs and piglets were found decomposing in piles of mud and even heaped into piles by fences.

The animals that were found alive were forced to live in abhorrent conditions, with no food or water amongst the decomposing bodies of other animals.

According to local residents, the farm, found on Harris Lane, was purchased by owner Bob Green last summer, and the source claims that since then, the land has been decimated.

BEFORE: This image shows the green and luscious area before Green purchased the land.
AFTER: The land has now turned into a wasteland of rubbish and decomposing animals.

Since images of the conditions on Green Luck Farm were posted to Facebook, dozens of animals have been saved.

Unfortunately, the source claimed that the owner refused to let many of the animals out of his ‘care’, instead, rescuers had to offer to purchase the animals.

A dead pig partially buried in the mud.

Foal Farm Animal Rescue has now been able to take in many of the surviving sheep and pigs, but many others still remain onsite.

A Just Giving page has been set up to help raise money for Foal Farm Animal Rescue, which has so far gathered over £600 in donations.

One pig that was pregnant at the time of rescue, gave birth to a healthy set of piglets in the safety and comfort of rescuers.

If you have any further information about the situation, please report it to DEFRA, RSPCA and Ashford Borough Council.

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