RSPCA Condemn Superdrug For Offering Animal Tested Botox

Superdrug has announced that it will be introducing Botox injections into at least one of their UK stores.


Highstreet chain Superdrug has announced that they will be trialling botox within some of their stores, which the RSPCA have been quick to condemn.

In a post on Twitter they wrote;

“Extremely disappointed with @superdrug. Demand for injections of Botox-type products directly increases lab ANIMAL SUFFERING.”

“Each batch of this TOXIN is tested by injecting into mice, who can experience paralysis, respiratory distress, impaired vision and suffocation…”

“Most people using #Botox are probably unaware of the severe animal suffering the testing of this product can cause, and would no doubt be horrified (although their faces may not show it). We need to stop mugging off mice @superdrug #LoveIsland”
All of Superdrug’s own brand products are cruelty-free, with a large amount also being safe for vegans.
As the RSPCA points out, offering animal tested botox within their stores would contradict their cruelty-free message.
However, many have also been quick to point out that the RSPCA is not a vegan group, and may be hypocritical in their attack on Superdrug.
‘RSPCA assured meat’ and their approach to issues such as greyhound racing has left many consumers wondering whether the RSPCA has the right to condemn stores such as Superdrug.
The botox is currently only available in one of their London stores, and they have not yet announced if and when it will reach other stores nationwide.

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