Ruby Rose Slams Prada For Using Her Face On Leather Bag


Ruby Rose is one of Hollywoods most famous vegans, and she isn’t happy about Prada using her face on one of their leather bags.

The star recently tweeted against the luxury brand, who apparently used the image without her permission, and claim it isn’t of Ruby, it simply resembles a likeness to her.

ruby roseThe original image on the bag is a cartoon look a like of Ruby Rose, and the Orange is the New Black star is not happy about having her face plastered on a bag made of animal skin.







She said; ‘I’ll make one, it will look the same because I’ll use the same photo, of my face but in vegan leather. A copy of a copy. I’m like the Ikea bag’.

This isn’t the first time Ruby has used her huge twitter platform to promote veganism and to speak out against animal cruelty. Back in April, she spoke out against Trump’s denial of climate change, and encouraged her followers to go vegan or vegetarian.

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