Ryan Gosling Wears Vegan Coat In Blade Runner 2049


Hollywood isn’t renowned as being the most vegan friendly City on earth, however one of the worlds biggest stars has worn a vegan coat in one of the films of the year. Ryan Gosling, the star of Blade Runner 2049, wears a vegan leather and faux-shearling coat on the big screen.

According to VegNews, costume designer Renée April instead used a shearling-style coat made from painted cotton instead of animal skins and fibres.

PETA were so thankful for this promotion of cruelty free fashion, they decided to send a thank you letter to April, complete with vegan sheep shaped chocolate.

More human than humans. #BladeRunner2049, in theaters tomorrow. Get tickets. Link in bio.

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They said;

“We at PETA are sending you a great big thank-ewe for choosing to create a cruelty-free, vegan replicant version of a shearling jacket for Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049. In every one of PETA’s many investigations into the wool industry, we’ve found that sheep are routinely punched, kicked, stomped on, and badly cut up for their wool.”

“You’ve so beautifully shown that cruelty-free materials are the way of the future—starting in the present!—and people will flock to wear them. As a small token of our huge appreciation, we’re sending you delicious vegan sheep-shaped chocolates.”

The coat has garnered huge popularity online, further proving that you don’t need animal products to be stylish. 

Ryan Gosling and Renée April should be proud of showcasing such amazing vegan fashion, and lead the way for films to come.

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