The Saddest Elephant On The Planet? You Can Stop Her Torture

nosey the elephant

Every year at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Nosey spends all day standing in one place, waiting to give rides and walking in the same small circle over and over again.

She’s also forced to perform in the circus, which means she’s coerced into doing dangerous and even painful tricks against her will.

Click here to contact the fair and help Nosey!

Now her nightmare is set to continue. The Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio is scheduled to run every weekend from July 8 through August 13 and is hosting Hugo Liebel, Nosey’s tormentor, and his company, the Great American Family Circus.

The extent of her mistreatment has been clearly documented in video. Images of Nosey shows she’s kept in a carpark surrounded by an electrified fence, no water, no food, no shade and in complete isolation.

Her life is a constant circle of misery, mistreatment, and loneliness.

Despite her painful condition of arthritis, Nosey is continually forced into work, to satisfy the entertainment needs of humans.

nosey the elephant

Hugo Liebel also has a history of endangering the public and mistreating animals, yet he’s still allowed to keep an incredible animal in horrendous captivity.

Venues have already begun not choosing for Nosey to perform after learning of her treatment yet The Great Lakes Medieval Faire is going ahead.

If you want to help stop the continued torture Nosey endures, click here to contact the fair and urge them to stop.


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