App Launches To Show Foods Safe For Vegans

safe for vegans

Safe For Vegans is an app available to download via the iOs App Store. The app essentially uses the camera in your iPhone to scan the barcodes of products and inform you with one of four results. These are categorised as vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian and ‘maybe’.

safe for vegans

They claim to want “to make the grocery shopping of a vegan simpler by providing useful data and technology that drive informed buying decisions. Our app is very easy to use and our services are available both off-line and online.”

They also claim: “Safe For Vegans has the most extensive list of vegan products in the United Kingdom. Via an iOS app, we want to make this data easily available to as many people as possible. Tired of wandering around the supermarket looking for vegan products? We’ve got your back!”

The developers are busy adding products and items to the database everyday but the more users using the app, the more products and items can be successfully reported as safe for vegans. Through their easy reporting tool, app users can categorise scanned barcodes as safe for vegans or not.

The Safe For Vegans app is available for £0.99 on the United Kingdom App Store and is available immediately. There is also no registration required and can easily be used when you aren’t connected to the internet.

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