Sainsbury’s To Help Customers Cut Down On Meat


Sainsbury’s plans to rearrange its supermarket aisles in an attempt to persuade shoppers to eat less meat.

The grocer is teaming up with Oxford University scientists who say that reducing meat consumption would improve people’s health and fight climate change.

Sainsbury’s could start giving vouchers to customers who buy vegetable products and putting vegetarian alternatives next to packets of meat.

The supermarket also plans to give out leaflets with meat-free recipes, reported The Observer.

The project will begin next week and is funded as part of Our Planet, Our Health, a £5m Wellcome Trust initiative.

Marco Springmann, who leads the Oxford scientists who will work with Sainsbury’s, said: ‘Imbalanced diets, such as diets low in fruits and vegetables, and high in red and processed meat, are responsible for the greatest health burden globally and in most regions.

‘At the same time the food system is also responsible for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore a major driver of climate change.’

Animals farmed for meat are responsible for huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

At the same time, large tracts of land are used to grow crops to feed these cattle, pigs and chickens.

The Oxford researchers found adopting vegetarian diets could avoid 7.3 million deaths globally per year by 2050.

This is after recent trends suggest that more and more people are living a vegan lifestyle. High street food stores are increasingly offering a vegan line of products to satisfy the current market demands.

This comes after more people are becoming aware of the associated health risks, animal cruelty and environmental issues related to eating animal products.

Initiatives such as Veganuary have been helping the number of vegans grow rapidly. People pledge to go vegan for the month of January with the hope that they will keep the lifestyle once the month is up.

We can hope that more supermarkets take the initiative to promote more plant-based, vegan food.


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