Sainsbury’s Meat-Free Sales Increasing By 20% Each Week

With just days until Sainsbury's launch their new meat-free products, it has been reported that meat-free sales are already booming.


Sainsbury’s has revealed that their sales of meat-free and vegan products have soared, with growth of up to 20% each week.

The supermarket giant is soon to release brand new vegan ‘meat’ products, that have been designed to imitate real meat and even give the illusion of bleeding.

The new vegan meat products will also be stocked within the meat aisle, which will be a first for UK supermarkets.

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James Hamilton is the meat-free and ready meals buyer at Sainsbury’s. He said: “We are seeing an increasing interest from our customers in plant-based foods, with sales of our current meat-free range growing 20% each week,”

“We’re always exploring new ways to offer even greater choice, quality and value and our new Naturli’ mince and burgers are a brilliant example. These are our most authentic meat alternatives yet and, for this reason, we plan to stock them with our mince and burgers.”​

The vegan meat alternatives will be found within 400 different Sainsbury’s locations before the end of the month.

Sainsbury’s is not the first Supermarket to cash in on the growing demand for meat-free products, with Tesco enjoying the success of their Wicked Kitchen range.

Tesco recently announced that they have sold 2.5 million Wicked Kitchen meals since January.

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