Sainsbury’s To Start Selling Vegan ‘Meat’ Next To Animal Products

The vegan burger will be sold in the chiller section next to 'real' meat products.


Sainsbury’s will soon be stocking plant-based meats such as vegan burgers that ‘ooze’ blood in the chiller section alongside real meats.

The vegan burgers that Sainsbury’s will be stocking will be in stores from 27th June, and are made by Danish manufacturer Naturli’ Foods.

They will also be stocking lookalike mince.

Naturli’ Foods has been a leading developer of plant-based foods since 1988, and has struggled to keep up with demand since their January launch in Denmark.

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The burgers are not designed to taste specifically like beef, however, it does have a ‘meaty’ taste thanks to the flavour of almonds, tomatoes and porcini mushrooms.

Henrik Lund, the chief executive officer of Naturli Foods said: “Our goal is to contribute to restore the balance between nature and man,”

“We’ve developed this product assuming that many people want to eat plants instead of animals, but are afraid of compromising on flavour and maybe even missing out on their favourite dishes such as lasagne or burger patties.”

Sainsbury’s will be stocking the vegan meat in 400 of its larger stores, and is a first for UK supermarkets, as vegan products are usually stocked in separate veggie sections.

US company Beyond Meat regularly stocks its vegan burgers alongside meat products, which was actually central to the vision of the company.

Tesco is expected to start selling the Beyond Burger by August 2018.

UK supermarkets are introducing more and more policies to appeal to vegans, in an attempt to capture the plant-based market.

Not only are the amount of vegans within the UK growing, but so are the amount of ‘flexitarians’, who are trying to cut down on their meat consumption.

Waitrose recently became the first UK supermarket to introduce its very own vegan aisle, and Tesco has recently began selling a vegan ‘steak’, that has met huge commercial success.

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