The Scientists Turning Tofu Waste Into Vegan Food

tofu waste

Scientists at the National University of Singapore have been biotransforming soy and tofu waste into a nutritious plant-based ingredient.

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The scientists have been using the waste from tofu and soy production, called Okra, which typically smells, spoils easily and has a bad taste. In Singapore, 10,000 tons of okra are discarded annually due to its unpleasant nature.

The transformation takes place in a “biofermentation” process that steams, cools and then ferments the okra. The transformed fibrous okra can then be used as an addition to baked goods or in plant-based milk products.

“This process is straightforward, natural, and does not produce waste streams,” lead researcher progress or Liu Shao Quan told media outlet Foodnavigator.

“The biotransformed okra is nutritious, plant-based, and has the potential to be used in a variety of food products.” 

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