Scotland Facing Pressure To Provide More Vegan Options

Go Vegan Scotland are putting pressure on the Government to include more vegan options in state institutions.

vegan options

Vegan charity ‘Go Vegan Scotland’ has launched a petition to call on the Scottish Government to guarantee vegan options in every state institution in the country.

These institutions include hospitals, schools and prisons.

The petition hopes to protect the rights of vegans for health, environmental and ethical reasons.

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It reads:

“More people of all ages are making the decision to live vegan, with the number in the UK doubling twice in the last 4 years.”

“More people are also choosing plant-based food for health, environmental and ethical reasons.”

“Plant-based food can be enjoyed by everyone. The British Dietetic Association recognises that well-planned totally plant-based diets are suitable for every age and life stage.”

“Providing vegan options does not just protect the rights of vegans. Plant-based food can be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike and so guaranteeing these options improves inclusivity.” 

The petition has been created with the help of The Vegan Society and will be run for 6 weeks until the 6th of November.

If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

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