Sea Shepherd Opens Vegan Tattoo Parlour

The grand opening will be March the 11th.

sea shepherd

Sea Shepherd, one of the worlds largest marine conservation projects, has announced they will be opening a 100% vegan tattoo parlour in Amsterdam.

The new studio will be created by the artistic director of Sea Shepherd, Geert Vons. All profits from the tattoo studio will go towards Sea Shepherds conservation efforts.

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The plans for the parlour were announced on Facebook last year:

“Very soon you will all be able to go to Amsterdam and get an official Sea Shepherd tattoo! Our very own campaign veteran, artist and board member, Geert Vons will be available to tattoo Sea Shepherd supporters coming from Amsterdam, with all profits going directly to Sea Shepherd. What do you think? Need to go to Amsterdam Soon?”

If you would like a tattoo at the Sea Shepherd studio, you need to come prepared with either a nautical or ocean themed design. The studio is taking reservations, ready for its grand opening on the 11th of March.

However, the shop is already technically open and has been producing beautiful tattoos related to the sea and its inhabitants.

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