Seinfeld Themed Vegan Diner To Open In Glasgow

vegan diner

New vegan diner ‘Serenity Now’ will be opening in Glasgow next month, with an entirely vegan menu that changes daily.

Named after an episode of the hit American sitcom, the vegan diner is set to open mid November.

According to Glasgow Live, 

“The vegan eatery will serve up health-conscious lunches, brunches, bowls, and baked goods, all of which will be made in-house. As we reported earlier in the month, the café will also cater for our furry friends, with plant-based raw and baked treats also available for dogs on the menu.”

vegan diner

The menu will be filled with breakfast and lunch options, along with freshly made bowls, baked goods and juices.

Whether you’re a huge Seinfeld fan or not, it’s always amazing news to hear of new vegan eateries popping up.

Glasgow vegans have been extremely lucky recently, with a Nirvana themed cafe opening up just recently. 

With the vegan diner gathering lots of attention already, we’re sure it’ll be a roaring success!

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