Seven Stunning Vegan Tattoo Inspirations

vegan tattoo

Tattoos are one of the most permanent things you can do to your body, and are even more special when they have a meaning. If you want to display your love for animals for the world to see, check out these vegan tattoo inspirations, you’ll be booking your appointment in no time!

Remember, it’s never cool to copy a tattoo. These are for inspiration, create your own beautiful designs!


A photo posted by Wes Morris (@morristhetatt) on

This gorgeous tattoo was done by @morristhetatt, and is the perfect way to show your love for all animals. With just a touch of colour, this is perfect for those who don’t want a tattoo that isn’t too bold, but will always stand out. You can start a million conversations with this classy but meaningful style tattoo.

vegan tattoo

Big, bold, and definitely beautiful! Combine your love for plant based foods and animals in one eye catching design, and display your proudness for being vegan.


As simple as it can get, you can’t go wrong with a simple ‘V’. As seen on @dancingveganfaerie, this is one of the best ways to show your love for veganism. Because it’s so tiny, it can go anywhere! Perfect for those who want something a little more discreet.

A vegan tattoo can be classy as well as meaningful, perfectly demonstrated through @jeyce7 ‘s  cat inspired text tattoo. Girly as well as spreading the vegan message, this is perfect for any tattoo loving activist! 

Black and White

One of the most delicate and pretty tattoos I’ve seen, this beauty was done by @gristletattoo. Anyone interested in tattoos NEEDS to check out this account, as he does tons of animal artwork perfect for vegans.

Detailed and stunning, check out some of his other pieces of work!

Wear Your Vegan Tattoo With Pride!

Whether you like big and bold or tiny and delicate, there will always be something for you. Gather inspiration from these and create your very own design.

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