Shocking Footage Shows Pigs Being Beaten On British Farm

The individuals in the footage have since been dismissed.


Undercover footage shows pigs being repeatedly kicked in the head and jabbed with pitchforks at a farm in Lincolnshire.

The farm, Fir Tree Farm, is owned by one of the country’s biggest producers.

The footage was collected by campaign group Animal Equality, who placed undercover cameras in the farm following a tip-off about the poor treatment of the animals.

One pig that was seen in the footage was unable to move. It was loaded into a tractor, dumped into a pen, and repeatedly hit.

It was then left without veterinary care for 48 hours, and was then shot.

The Godfrey family, who own the farm, have now dismissed the members of staff shown abusing the animals in the footage.

They told Sky News: “We are shocked by the actions of those involved as their abhorrent behaviour does not represent our business. We are a family run farm where the care and welfare of our pigs is paramount.

“We have been able to identify the four individuals in the film and following an immediate investigation their employment has been terminated”.

Like the majority of pig farms within Britain, these pigs were kept indoors.

The National Pig Association has insisted that it does not condone actions such as these, and that the actions of those caught on camera are indefensible.

Although the actions of those caught on camera are illegal and widely condemned, it demonstrates how poor regulations for farm animals are within the UK. 

Not only are these animals bound for slaughter, but they are also being abused and mistreated by the people who are supposed to be caring for them.

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