Should Teenagers Go Vegan? Definitely.

should teenagers go vegan

There’s been enough evidence to prove than veganism is health, but should teenagers go vegan? With raging hormones and the final stage of growth before adulthood, it’s understandable why some might be hesitant about the idea. However, being a vegan teenager can actually help with many issues teens face through adolescence.


should teenagers go vegan

Dairy is possibly one of the worst foods to be consuming if you want spot free skin. The hormones within milk can encourage spots, and shouldn’t be consumed by teens struggling with acne or pimples. The inflammatory substances within milk clog your pores, and the IGF-1 growth hormone aggravates your liver, flaring up your skin. 

Skin conditions are never fun, especially as a teenager. Should teenagers go vegan? If they want to take care of their skin, yes.


It’s extremely common for women to notice lighter, more regular and less painful periods when they’re on a vegan diet. Teenagers can have very irregular cycles, so being vegan could be a strong factor in helping them to get this under control.

There aren’t yet any studies to prove there is a correlation, but it’s highly reported among the vegan community. Might as well give it a try!


should teenagers go vegan

Lots of teenagers find themselves struggling with their weight, and eating a vegan diet from this age can help tackle and solve this. Not only can it help those who might be gaining weight through puberty, but it can also help teenagers develop a healthier relationship with food.

Viewing food as something to nourish us, and not to be restricted or vilified can help teenagers with their attitude towards food. When some teenagers go down the path of eating disorders, veganism is very often the tool with which people aid their recovery.

Energy Levels

One of the first things I noticed when cutting out animal products, was the huge increase in energy I had. When before I would get home from school and fall asleep on the sofa, I was instead going to the gym and running after school.

Being vegan often increases the amount of carbs you take in, which can largely affect energy levels. You also tend to eat more fruit and veg, and be healthier overall. Your digestion isn’t as sluggish, and you don’t spend hours digesting meat you weren’t designed to consume.

So, should teenagers go vegan? Of course! Everyone can go vegan, no matter their age. As long as you’re still getting all the nutrients you need, you will reap the benefits of a vegan diet.


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