Should Vegans Date Non Vegans?

should vegans date non vegans

Sometimes as a vegan, you might feel a bit alone. So, should vegans date non vegans, or stick to those with the same beliefs as you? The thought of living a life with someone who with every meal they eat goes against your ethics as a vegan can be too much for many. However, here’s why I think it’s important that vegans date non vegans.

I first started going out with my boyfriend a little under 2 years ago. He was a recently turned vegan, I was far from it. 2 years later, we’re both vegans, and here I am writing this article.

vegan dating

You are who you are because of the people you spend your time with. Your partner is a significant part of your life, and you change because of them. Without trying, my boyfriend turned me first veggie, and eventually vegan.

He didn’t strap me down and force me to watch Cowspiracy, nor did he throw red paint me when I ate meat in front of him. Simply being around someone who’s vegan is enough to get someone thinking.

6 months after going out with him, I decided it was finally time to learn some more about veganism. A watching of earthlings later, and I was vegetarian. Another 6 months later and finally after watching Cowspiracy, I was vegan.


Without a doubt, I believe that vegans should date non vegans. If you limit yourself to the few percent of people who are vegan, not only do you risk spending most of your life single, but you remove the possibility of teaching others about veganism.

If you love someone, you want what’s best for them. Why not take on the chance to help the most important person in your life? Show people that veganism is not some weird cult, that only associates themselves with other vegans.

vegan dating

When vegans date other vegans, they do not give up their moral code. They don’t betray veganism or encourage people to carry on eating animal products. You can’t help who you fall for, and vegans are not alien creatures who have limited emotions.

You love who you love, and dating a non vegan can transform your life as well as there’s. If the person your with makes it clear that they’re never going to go vegan, or even consider it, that’s when you should worry. You don’t have to break up with them, just like you don’t have to stay with them. What you do, is completely your choice.

You don’t pick who you fall in love with, so why make yourself miserable by not being with your soul mate, just because they’re not vegan? They can change, and you can help them. Should vegans date non vegans? 100% go for it.

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