Should Vegans Have Children?


Veganism is about animal ethics, the environment and our health. However, it’s hard to talk about the environment without mentioning overpopulation. The question of should vegans have children stems from the need to preserve the planet, and its resources.

Many vegans have decided to never have biological children. They may still choose to adopt, but many have vasectomies or hysterectomy’s to prevent this from happening.


But why? People grieve over the fact that they can’t have children, so why do so many vegans choose to never have any?

This is because of the environmental factors they have become aware of since going vegan. Overpopulation is one of the key reasons why we as a planet are struggling today. With 7 billion people and counting, our planet is struggling to keep up.

By not directly contributing to this overpopulation, vegans feel as if they are doing yet another beneficial thing for the environment.


Another reason is because many fear they could not successfully raise a child to live a vegan life. Meaning, that when they enter adulthood, they will consume an Omni diet.

This means that they will be living a lifestyle that is harmful to animals, the environment, and also themselves. Many feel as if it’s irresponsible to bring another possible meat eater into the world, and contribute to the damage of the planet further.

Do all vegans feel this way?

Not at all. All over the vegan community you will find happy and content vegan families and pregnant vegan women. Personally, I know I will definitely still have children.

I agree completely and support those that choose to not have children, however I could not do this myself. I think that this world needs more compassionate people, and one of the best ways to do this is through teaching your children.

vegan kids cute

Should vegans have children?

Having children is also one of the most natural parts of life. I don’t want to give up this part of my life because idiots across the world pollute and overpopulate it with massive families and reckless lifestyles.

I already live the best lifestyle for combatting climate change, why should I give up the joys of Motherhood to protect a world for others children who don’t care? Let my family enjoy the world I want to protect so much.

No I won’t have dozens of children as yes there is overpopulation, and I think I may adopt too. However, I do not agree that it should be a rule that vegans should not have children.

Should vegans have children? Entirely up to them. It’s one of the most personal choices in the world, and no one should be told what they can and can’t do.

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