Slaughterhouse Ordered To Pay Legal Fees After Wrongly Accusing Vegan Group


A judge has ordered slaughterhouse Manning Beef to pay $94,500 in attorneys’ fees for its lawsuit against Los Angeles Cow Save.

Superior Court of California Judge Barbara A. Meiers ruled the decision after finding the slaughterhouse falsely accused the Los Angeles Cow Save group of trespassing on their property.

Vegans can now brand milk as ‘inhumane’ following landmark court ruling.

The judge then ordered the slaughterhouse to cover the legal fees of the proceedings, which amounted to $94,500.

Through ruling in favour of the Los Angeles Cow Save, the judge acknowledged the unlawful attempt to silence the slaughterhouse’s critics through intimidation.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells said: “The judge’s decision validates the time and effort legal experts spent defending Los Angeles Cow Save from baseless claims.

“It’s a victory for free speech, farmed animals and those who protect them.”

According to a spokesperson for the Animal Legal Defense Fund: “The award is the result of a successful motion to dismiss Manning Beef’s lawsuit under California’s anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) statute – a statute aimed at dissuading frivolous or malicious law suits.”

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