Slaughterhouse Worker Believes Job Causes Violent Behaviour

slaughterhouse worker

Scott Hoskins, a former slaughterhouse worker, has told Mercy for Animals that his work in a slaughterhouse led to increasingly violent and aggressive behaviour.

Hoskins turned to excessive alcohol consumption to deal with the harsh nature of his work, and as a result, led him to become a violent person when he got home.

The former slaughterhouse worker had to remove bones from deceased chickens, and place those still alive in shackles and break their necks.

Criminologist Amy Fitzgerald has found that in communities where a slaughterhouse is present, there was often higher crime rates.

This is because she believes that those who work within the slaughterhouses become desensitised to violence. These communities also had high levels of drug and drink consumption, which in turn leads to more aggressive behaviour.

Many also have to seek treatment for PTSD later on in life.

It’s no surprise that committing horrific acts on a daily basis can have serious effects on those who carry them out. Closing slaughterhouses would not only benefit the animals inside, but also the humans that work there.

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