Is Speciecism A Real Thing?


The argument of Speciecism is thrown around a lot in the vegan community, demonstrating the hypocrisy of the way humans treat animals. However, is Speciecism a real thing?

Speciecism by definition is treating different animals differently due to their species. For example, killing and consuming a cow but loving and caring for a dog. Both are intelligent mammals capable of love and affection, but one sleeps in our homes and the other is killed for meat.

Like racism and sexism, it has no logic. The reasoning often given behind said example of Speciecism, is that ‘it has always been this way’. The reasoning that dogs have always been loyal companions and cows have always been used in agriculture.

is speciecism a real thing

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Look back 100+ years ago, when woman couldn’t vote and black people were considered inferior. Once again, because ‘it has always been this way’.

Speciecism is a sound way of poking holes in the argument that it is okay to eat meat. It highlights hypocrisy and puts people in uncomfortable situations, forced to think about their actions.

However, it also has many downfalls as a theory. For example, where does the comparison of species end? Is it Speciecist to save an Orang-utan over head lice? Or save a puppy over a pigeon?


The sad fact is, that all animals are not the same. As Speciecism cover every species of animal, trying to relate them is difficult. This is unlike sexism and racism that apply to only one species, where all involved have the same intelligence, emotional capability and life span.

Is Speciecism a real thing? Or is it too weak an argument?

Speciecism has its advantages in certain arguments. For example when questioning why we eat certain animals but love others. It makes sense, challenges ideas, and is a well reasoned way to tackle the argument.


However, as it is such a new ideology, there are also many flaws to using it in an argument. Many will not understand it, and when comparing it to things like racism and sexism will become offended and misinterpret meanings.

Is speciecism a real thing?

I believe that Speciecism is a real thing, but it hasn’t been defined clearly enough or refined enough yet. A monkey and an ant are completely different and will be treated differently, there’s no denying that.

Species are different to each other in no way that humans are different to each other. The ways that they are different is uncountable, therefore to lump them together as all deserving to be treated the same way does not make sense.

Animals all deserve love and kindness, but it does not make sense to say that they are all the same. Is Speciecism a real thing? Yes, as the way animals are treated simply because of their species is appalling.

However, there is a lot of work to be done in defining and refining the term and what it means.

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