How To Spot A Cruel Christmas Fair


I’m sure you can remember the pure joy and excitement at the thought of visiting ‘Santa’s grotto’ and seeing real-life reindeer. That was when we were all unknowing, oblivious children. There’s a dark truth behind some Christmas fairs and visiting Santa’s trusty helpers. Luckily, it’s easy to spot a cruel Christmas fair.

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It’s overwhelming for children to meet their first reindeer but when it’s in some scabby shed off the A274 somewhere in Kent and the animals are exploited, maybe it’s time to stop the tradition?

cruel christmas fair

It can be guaranteed most of these animals aren’t even remotely enjoying it, whether they’re in shopping centres or a random barn. The poor animals are transported and paraded all over the country. having to deal with long car journeys and the constant change of environment.

On a daily basis, they will face large crowds of people where they might experience loud noises and bright lights which puts the animals under a huge amount of stress.

Reindeer’s’ natural environment is in the tundra, where they can roam free and eat plenty of lichen. Not cooped up in a shopping centre or in a busy town square.

Animals should never be used like this.
Animals should never be used like this.

The only place we should be seeing incredible animals like these is in the wild, where’ they’re in their natural environment and not being exploited just to please a bunch of kids who don’t know better. It’s down to parents to stop this. There’s plenty of other fun ways to enjoy Christmas and as they become more conscious to sad issues like these, they’ll realise that.

A cruel christmas fair is easy to spot. If there are animals used in any way, you shouldn’t be visiting it. Please don’t visit live animal displays. Animals aren’t here to be exploited for our pleasure. They’re not ours to use and abuse.

Enjoy them where they’re free.

There are lots of organisations that aim to make the world a better place for animals. Christmas is the perfect time of year to show them your support or make a donation. Every little counts and anything you can give will be useful in one way or another.

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