Sri Lanka Set To Ban Hindu Animal Sacrifice

sri lanka bans animal sacrifice

Sri Lanka’s government has agreed to ban the practice of animal sacrifice at Hindu temples across the island.

Speaking to the BBC, a government spokesperson said that the ban was proposed by the Hindu Religious Affairs ministry and that a majority of Hindu groups support the decision.

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Many Hindu’s choose not to sacrifice animals but those that do often sacrifice goats, buffalo calves and chickens at temples as an offering to their deities.

Those that do are worried that the ban will infringe on ancient traditions and their religious freedoms.

In recent years, the practice of Hindu sacrifice has attracted protests from the Buddhist community, calling the practice inhumane and barbaric.

However, some people have questioned why the new law will not cover animal sacrifice by Muslims, the third biggest religious group in Sri Lanka.

Other countries have begun implementing additional laws to protect animals. This month, the UK implemented a ban that will prevent the use of cruel electric dog collars. The British government also banned the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops.

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