Startup To Create Lab Grown Meat For Cats

lab grown meat

Colorado based company, Bond Pet Foods, wants to follow the trend for lab grown meat beyond our own plates, and begin catering for obligate carnivores.

The cultured meat will be grown from animal cells within an artificial lab setting, and ‘has a specific focus on developing better food for companion animals.’

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Company founder Rich Kelleman believes that the pet food industry lacks transparency. “When you look at the tremendous number of recalls through the years…certainly a lot of meat proteins are the culprits of a lot of food safety issues”.

Pet food can contain items that would never even be considered for human consumption, such as hair and manure.

Not only would lab grown meat for cats and other obligate carnivores ensure that they are receiving the healthiest food for them, but also that it is much more ethical.

Pet food industry consultant Ryan Yamka believes that it might not be too long until lab grown pet food becomes a reality.

“It wouldn’t be unheard of to see it in the market in a couple years… If you walked down the aisles this year at the trade shows, you already see people talking about humanely raised and sustainable [pet food].”

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