A Guide To Staying Vegan

staying vegan

Admittedly, there’s a few of us out there who find staying vegan a struggle. You might accidentally slip up where you didn’t see a particular ingredient or you may full-on binge. This is particularly common when you lack strong determination to start with. Here’s a few tips on how to stay vegan!

Remind yourself why

If you’ve lost your purpose, motivation or whatever, you need to remind yourself why you went vegan to begin with. It might be to save the animals, watch Earthlings. Perhaps, decrease your carbon footprint and your environmental impact, check out Cowspiracy. Or, maybe you want to improve your health and lose weight, in which case watch Forks Over Knives and plenty of Youtube videos.

Check out more vegan documentaries here!

staying vegan

You can also try following all your favourite relevant, vegan social media accounts so you’re getting daily reminders on why vegan is the lifestyle you should be living.

Surround yourself with the right people

The peer pressure you get once you’re vegan is like no other. You’ll have questions coming at you left, right and centre. You’ll be constantly asked if you miss this, that and the other. Block it out. Even better, surround yourself with like minded people.

staying vegan

It’s a lot easier keeping to a healthy habit if you have a community of likeminded friends and family around you. Get involved in your local vegan society for meet-ups and trips to restaurants and you’ll soon make new friends.

Change your mindset

It’s easy to think ‘just one piece of ham’ or ‘an egg or two in the cake won’t hurt’ but you’re wrong. Every time you purchase an animal product, you’re supporting the horrendous industry. Every time you eat an animal product you’re destroying your health and the environment. From now on animal products are a complete no go, not even for a ‘cheat meal’.

staying vegan

Take any animal foods and donate them to food banks. From now on you’ll only buy vegan food and animal substitutes! This way, you wont have animal products around if you do get an urge. Over time you’ll lose the urge and never consider eating animal products.

Staying vegan will be a breeze if you follow these tips. Don’t worry, every one is prone to a slip up at the beginning but you’ll quickly make new habits and changes for the better.


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