Still Overweight? Here’s What You Need To Do To Lose Weight

lose weight

Here’s what you need to do to lose weight

With SOOO much information on the internet and plenty of claimed ‘experts’ it’s easy to get confused when you’re trying to lose weight.

In reality, it’s pretty simple. At the moment there’s too many people with an agenda trying to sell you BS ‘skinny me‘ teas, magic weight loss pills and wonder exercises that’ll have you shedding the fat.

The challenge is to look through the sales pitches and marketing.

Losing weight and achieving a healthier body comes down to 4 major things.






Sleep is for helping the body recover, improve your metabolism and a whole host of other benefits. The short story is that you should never skimp on sleep. If you’re exercising regularly then it’ll help you to recover more quickly too. Aim for at least 8 hours every night, the more you can get, the better!


Water is crucial. A hydrated mind gives you clarity. A hydrated body means you’ll be more efficient at pushing out toxins and other nasty bits. It’ll keep your muscles hydrated which is crucial for exercise. To keep hydrated, aim to drink enough so that you’re pissing clear at least every hour. If your wee is dark yellow then it’s a sign you need to be drinking a lot more water.

lose weight hydrate


Sugar is the energy that fuels our bodies. Unfortunately, sugar and carbs have unjustly been getting a lot of the blame for our current obesity rates. Start looking through what you’re being told. As meat consumption and fat intakes have increased over the past 50 years, so have obesity rates. In fact, the countries that have lowest obesity stats are those that source a majority of their food from plant-based sources. Think rice, corn, pasta, vegetables and fruit. In reality you want to skip the meat, dairy and eggs which are known to not only make you overweight but also increase your chances of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other diseases.

lose weight


The exercise you’re doing doesn’t need to be insane gym workouts or any other miracle plans your local gym rat is trying to sell you. Essentially, you want to be exercising daily. If you’re not used to exercising, start with walking more and riding your bike. The goal here is to exercise daily so riding a bike is perfect. Ride to work, to the shops, to the park or get into the awesome sport that is cycling. As you progress, you’ll be able to eventually run and ride longer distances. No more being puffed out going up all those stairs! Phew!! You’ll also start to notice a drop in body weight and body fat. Our bodies are desperate to be moved daily and were never designed for slouching on a sofa!

lose weight exercise

Bonus tip

My one final tip is consistency. Focus on doing all of the above consistently and you’ll be surprised at how quickly changes start to happen. Ignore the yo-yo diets and start focusing on building a routine and consistency. Expect results a lot faster if you keep the rule of consistency in mind.

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