Review: Stolen Goat Bib Shorts


I’ve always been a DHB kinda girl. Out of the 7 pair of bib shorts I’ve ever owned, 5 have been DHB. However, a recent sale on EBay left me the owner of a pair of Stolen Goat bib shorts. How do they compare?

Well for a start, I got them for £15, and the RRP is a whopping £98. So a little pricier than my regular £30-40 spend on DHB. However, they truly are a lovely pair of shorts.

stolen goat bib shorts

I always go for plain black, so the red cuff at the bottom makes a refreshing change. The stolen goat logo is also nice and discreet, so it doesn’t feel like you’re a walking billboard.

I can honestly say, that these Stolen Goat bib shorts are some of the comfiest shorts I’ve ever worn. The chamois isn’t very thick at all, yet you alway feel comfy on the saddle and discomfort is minimal. It doesn’t bunch up, and always seems to be in the perfect spot, saving you from wiggling about on the saddle.

stolen goat bib shorts

The grippers on the leg are also extremely comfortable. They don’t dig in at all, yet they won’t budge either.

In regards to the sizing, I’m torn. I’m 5’10 and always wear a size 10 or small in bib shorts. Although these shorts are great when in the riding position, they do seem a bit baggy around the top of my bum when I stand up.

I know this is minor, as how it is in the riding position is what’s key, however I’m a little OCD when it comes to cycling clothes being as tight as possible. On the bright side, as it’s a tiny bit bigger than I’m used to, it feels really comfy on the shoulder and there’s no pressure at all.

If you like your kit tight, I’d downsize. At 63kg and 5’10 I wouldn’t assume I’m an XS in bib shorts, but each brand differs I guess.

Overall, these are a brilliant pair of shorts. They’re truly a comfortable wear and they look great in the process. Would I buy them again for £98? Probably not. But that’s what EBay’s for I guess!

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