Why You NEED To Stop Eating Dairy


If you’re new to the animal welfare scene then putting two and two together can be tricky. There’s a fair few reasons everyone needs to stop eating dairy.

Cows are subject to rape, a horrible procedure where a ‘farmer’ inserts a metal rod and artificially inseminates the poor cow. Let’s imagine if this was done to humans or dogs. Anarchy.

stop eating dairy

After this they have to suffer for 9 months in horrendous conditions, only to have their newborn infant taken away almost instantly. A mother and child bond is special and humans have no right to be able to do that.

But what about free-range I hear you say!

This is how horrific their lives are made. This is why you need to stop eating dairy.

“Newborn calves are typically taken away from their mothers within hours of birth. After being forcibly separated from their calves, cows often bellow for hours or even days, pacing and searching for them.
stop eating dairy
As shocking as it may seem, sexual assault and stealing babies are common in modern animal agriculture.
Luckily, consumers are able to withdraw their financial support from farmers who routinely abuse animals by adopting a healthy and humane vegan diet.”

How other sentient animals are allowed to endure this is baffling. If the same were done to dogs or cats where they’re kept in horrific conditions, beaten, raped and then finally throat slit, there’d be riots.

Sadly, because no one cares except what’s on their dinner plate, society has lost it’s innate compassion for ALL living beings.

Schools should skip so much of the useless shit they teach and instead teach things such as compassion, health and our environmental impact. Prepare them for future right?

Our future is currently deforestation, climate change, mass diet-related disease, species extinction, destruction of our environment and the continued slaughter and mistreatment of billions of animals every year.

Perhaps if we educated them on the truth rather than hiding behind deceitful, dressed-up adverts we would all care about what goes on in the world.

Fortunately things are starting to change. There’s an Italian city which may become the worlds first complete vegetarian destination and with a new generation we’re seeing trends change for the better.

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