Study Finds Mushrooms Are More Filling Than Meat!


Many believe that eating a vegan diet means you never feel full, however, a new study uses mushrooms to prove that this is far from the truth.

According to VegNews, participants in a recent study who ate white button mushrooms twice per day felt more satiated than those who ate meat.

The study was published in journal Appetite, with researchers at the University of Minnesota splitting a group of 17 women and 15 men into two groups that consumed an equal amount of calories twice per day. One derived from meat, and the other from mushrooms.

According to VegNews;

“The 10-day study found that participants in the mushroom group reported significantly less hunger, a greater feeling of fullness, and decreased desire to eat later in the day.”

Another study that took place in May also found very similar results. In that study, 65% of participants said that plant-based foods were as ‘meaty and satisfying’ as animal products.

Mushrooms are an amazing source of protein, and to have evidence that they are also just as satiating as meat is fantastic news.

There are now less reasons than ever to eat meat, and this provides just another reason to keep them off of your plate.

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