Study Reveals Plant-Based Diets Are The Most Sustainable

The study analysed 34,442 French adults' eating habits.


A new study has revealed that when compared to vegetarian and omnivorous diets, vegan diets are by far the most environmentally sustainable.

The study set out “to investigate the relationship between a provegetarian score and diet-related environmental impacts. We also evaluated potential effect modifications on the association between a provegetarian score and the environmental impacts of organic food consumption.”

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The researchers used a questionnaire to rankĀ 34,442 French adults’ eating habits and determined whether they maintained high provegetarian eating habits. Participants who fell into the group that consumed mainly vegetables was then labelled Q5.

The study compared greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative energy demands and land occupation.

Unsurprisingly, Q5 recorded the best results, showing that those who ate a diet focusing on plants had 49.6% lower greenhouse gas emissions, 26.5% less energy use to produce their food and 41.5% less land use to produce their food.

Many other studies have documented similar results, with it now being widely recognised that a diet which is plant-based will be far more sustainable than an omnivorous diet.

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