Study Shows Going Vegan Could Save 8 Million Lives Globally


Everyone knows going vegan will save animal lives, but it can also save the lives of humans too. We’re in the middle of a health epidemic, with the population being fatter and sicker than ever before.

It’s no secret what is causing this, yet the world continues to hide from the problem. This is what makes this most recent study even more important.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences puts forwards the hypothesis that if the world adopted a vegan diet, over 8 million lives would be saved. With meat being a proved carcinogen and eggs and dairy losing any reputation they once held, it’s no surprise that so many lives would be saved.

Not only does it state that people’s health would be improved, they also touch upon climate change.

The monetized value of health improvements could be comparable with, and possibly larger than, the environmental benefits of the avoided damages from climate change. 

Furthermore, they also predict that a global world would be benefited economically.

Overall, we estimate the economic benefits of improving diets to be 1–31 trillion US dollars, which is equivalent to 0.4–13% of global gross domestic product (GDP) in 2050.

In the UK in 2011, the NHS had almost 103,000 obesity related hospital emissions per year, and 6,000 weight loss operations.  It also cost the NHS £4.3 BILLION per year, so it’s no surprise that we would benefit economically from the public following a plant based diet.

This was 6 years ago, and the obesity epidemic has only got worse since then.

By this point, it feels as if we’re banging our heads against the wall. We have plentiful evidence demonstrating the economic, environmental and health benefits of a vegan diet, yet the world still doesn’t listen.

Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity can all be prevented by following a vegan diet, and save millions of lives in the process. Perhaps one day the world will realise this, but until then, we need to keep letting them know.

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