Taiwan Set To Ban All Single-Use Plastic

single use plastics

Taiwan’s government Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has announced that it is set to eradicate the use of single-use plastics by 2030.

They will begin to phase out wasteful single-use plastics next year, with food and beverage stores being required to stop the use plastic straws for in-store use.

In 2020, they will advance by banning free plastic straws in all food and beverage outlets. Then, in 2025, customers will be charged for takeaway plastic straws, and in 2030 a complete ban will be enforced.

The ban will also affect items such as plastic grocery bags and disposable beverage cups.

The Hong Kong Free Press has reported; “Free plastic shopping bags, disposable food containers and disposable utensils will also be banned in 2020 from all retail stores that issue uniform invoices – widely used in Taiwan. Additional fees will also be imposed in 2025.”

Minister Lee Ying-yuan is a firm believer in the ban, and has said; “You can use steel products, or edible straws – or maybe you just don’t need to use straws at all,”

“There is no inconvenience caused at all.”

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