Tech Users Willing To Pay More For Plant-Based Apps


Recent research has shown that people are willing to spend more money for a veggie or vegan app than a fitness one. Insurance2go carried out the study and found that 57 percent of Brits are happy to spend up to £11.99 on apps and downloads that promote a veggie or vegan diet.

This compares to just 37 percent who are willing to spend the same amount on a fitness app.

Furthermore, 92 percent who have downloaded a vegan app to convert them to a compassionate diet have said that it helped them to stay vegan for good.

Reasons for downloading vegan and veggie apps include weight loss (34 percent), keeping fit (44 percent) and finally eating a more healthy diet (42 percent).

The study also found that the top 3 cities for downloading vegan apps are Newcastle (14 percent), London (13 percent), and Birmingham (10 percent).

People in Northern Ireland are those that spend the most on health and fitness apps with over 5 percent saying they spend over £30. Males are also more likely to try vegan and vegetarian apps when compared to females.


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