How To Tell Real Fur From Fake – Easy Tips

How To Tell Real Fur From Fake

Fur is tacky and cruel, there’s no denying it. So learning how to tell real fur from fake is essential, whether you’re buying it for yourself or confronting someone about it. There are some easy and key ways to tell the difference, so share with friends and let them know what to look out for.

Look at the base

how to tell real fur from fake

Rather disgustingly, by looking at the base you can check for the presence of skin. Faux fur will most likely have a mesh or threaded backing, while real will be leather or skin.

Assess the tips

Faux far will not taper towards the end of the fibres, while real fur will. If it goes into a fine point, then leave it. However, some real fur can still be blunt, due to it being cut or sheared.

Do a burn test

how to tell real fur from fake

ONLY do this on garments you already own, unless you fancy getting in a lot of trouble. Remove some of the hairs and carefully set them alight. If it’s real fur, it will smell like human hair burning (ugh). If it’s fake, it will smell like burning plastic.

The pin test

Stick a pin through the fur and its lining. If it easily glides through, it’s likely to be faux, as a synthetic base is easier to penetrate. If it is tough however, it is likely to be a leather base.

Touch it

how to tell real fur from fake

Real fur will feel just that, real. If it feels like you’re stroking a cat, stay far away. Faux fur will always feel a little more ‘plasticky’, and if it’s humid will also make it feel a little sticky.

Roll the hairs between your finger and your thumb. If it’s smooth, soft, and rolls easily, it’s most likely real. If it feels coarse, it’s probably faux.

Let your friends and family how to tell real fur from fake, and encourage them to never buy fur if they aren’t 100% sure its faux. There’s absolutely no reasons to be wearing real fur in this day and age, so making this information well known is essential.

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