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temple of seitan

It’s 2017, we can 3D print heart valves and cars can run fully on electric, so why do people still eat meat? I was recently on one of my adventures in London so that I could go and cheer on the brave souls taking part in the London Marathon. London fulfils me with its diverse culture, efficiency, the buzz it delivers and of course, the ease and support of the vegan lifestyle.

I’m a frequent visitor to London and naturally every time I hear about a new vegan food I’m filled with ecstasy, from where I live in Swindon, vegan options for eating out are limited, ‘fast’ food is a world away and variety is a rarity.

Personally, I’m not a junk or fast food kind of guy, I indulge on fruit and veg and love rice, basic I know, but it works. However, when the opportunity arises to try out something that has had rave reviews, I’m keen to get stuck in.

So after watching the runners glide by I decided to descend to a little fried ‘chicken’ shop in the East End of London called Temple of Hackney AKA Temple of Seitan.

For those of you who follow vegan pages on social media you most likely have read about Temple of Seitan and they’re huge popularity, for those of you who haven’t, here’s some background into Temple of Seitan.

Originally starting of as a market stall selling their seitan products, in January of this year they opened their first shop in Hackney, the popularity of the food meant that the crew at TOS stayed up until the early hours of the morning preparing for the next day, even with all this preparation, they still managed to sell out fast!

People all over the country were flocking in to Hackney to try the magic food, and even now 5 months on, the popularity hasn’t died down. So along came my opportunity to try it out. I’m not entirely sure what this article is, but let’s think of it as an amateur food review, where I tell you just how amazing this ‘chicken’ burger is and how it genuinely is the best chicken burger I’ve ever had, meat or no meat.

The shop is wedged between meat shops, which is ironic as Temple of Seitan seems to have far more foot flow and business, providing a good impression that meat is headed towards the exit.

The burger is £6, which is quite steep, but this £6 buys you a ‘chicken’, facon, veganaisse and salad concoction that seriously blows you away.

temple of seitan

When you look at the burger it appears as any other chicken burger, it’s when you take the first bite that you realise how in danger the meat industry is in, a burger that has minimal impact on the environment, zero harm to animals and tastes just as good.

It was after the first bite that I understood why people had travelled long and far to try this burger, it is the next best thing. The ‘chicken’ crunches, the bacon is crispy and the veganaisse is creamy and tasty, I never liked mayonnaise when I was a meat eater, but veganaisse just hits the spot.

It doesn’t end with the burger though, the friendliness and passion the staff have is unreal, I had a terrific lady serve me and the overall experience was an A star.

So my overall impression of Temple of Seitan are sublime, the food, the staff and their beliefs are all in the interests of the customer and the animals.

I recommend to anyone vegan and non vegans alike, to try at least ONE product from TOS, you wouldn’t be the first nor the last, but it may change your mind.

Back to my opening sentence, it’s 2017, we can 3D print heart valves, cars can run fully on electric and we can create replacements that are just as good, for stereotyped ‘meat’ foods that have a smaller impact of the environment, the animals and yourself.

It’s a win win.

Temple of Seitan are open 12-8PM Wednesday to Sunday and are located at 10 Morning Lane, London, E9 6NA

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