Tennis Pro Marcus Daniell Ditches Meat

marcus daniell

A handful of tennis players have already tried veganism, and Marcus Daniell is the latest to join in.

The professional tennis player from New Zealand has ditched meat from his diet for ‘environmental and ethical’ reasons, according to Plant Based News. 

After seeking advice from Venus Williams about her vegan diet, Marcus Daniell has reportedly planned to go 100% plant based in the future.

One of the main reasons Daniell has ditched the meat, is because of the ethical implications that comes with it.

According to website Stuff:

“When I did my degree, I did an environmental philosophy paper and there were a lot of questions raised around the ethics of raising meat and vegetarianism.”

“I was introduced to some present day philosophers about animal welfare. It opened my mind to it and I asked a lot of questions to my father about farming methods.”

He also realised the terrible environmental impacts that the farming industry has on the planet.

“I kept telling myself that narrative that as a professional athlete I need to get protein from meat,” he said.

“But I’ve been trying to lessen my impact on the environment for years and one of the big pushes was that I recently discovered that my dietary choices made more of an impact on lessening my environmental footprint than any transport choices I’ve made.

“That was the final nail in the coffin for me.”

Daniell says that he has lots of energy and is still enjoying his food, which is fantastic to hear.

He also says that Venus Williams was extremely excited when he asked her questions about going plant based.

“At the Australian Open I approached her in the gym and said I’ve been having a bit of a think about this and if we can have a chat about how you do it. She was actually really excited that another tennis player was asking her about it.”

We’re really glad Marcus Daniell is living a more ethical lifestyle, and hope he carries it on!

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