Tesco Doubles Vegan Options For Christmas 2017

vegan options

Supermarket giant Tesco will be offering two vegan options for your Christmas centrepieces this year, for the first time ever!

Thanks to vegan chef Derek Sarno, there will be a Turmeric Spiced Cauliflower Wellington and a Pecan and Peanut Roast as the vegan options.

Sarno has said: “These are changing times, and vegetable dishes have now become centrepiece heroes in their own right on dinner tables up and down the country”.

“This year, Tesco’s Christmas campaign celebrates the many ways we come together at Christmas, and with the quality of vegetarian and vegan food now so good there may even be squabbles across the dinner table over who gets what.”

According to VegNews, Tesco revealed that sales of its veggie and vegan offerings have grown by 25% in the last year, and have even appointed a director of plant based innovation.

Tesco has been leading the way for vegan options in 2017, releasing their own range of vegan cheese earlier in the year to huge success. It’s fantastic that they are expanding their offering towards Christmas options, and it suggests there’ll be even more to come in 2018!

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