Tesco Set To Launch Plant-Based Steak Across The Country

"The smell, taste and bite can hardly be distinguished from real steak."


Next week, British supermarket chain Tesco will launch a plant-based steak at 400 stores across the country.

The steak, created by Dutch manufacturer Vivera, is made from wheat and soy and will be called the Vivera Plant-Based Steak. It is thought that the smell, taste and texture of the plant-based product is indistinguishable from real meat.

The plant-based steak will launch in 400 Tesco stores across the UK from the 21st May 2018.

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In a press release, Gert Jan Gombert of Vivera said: “A large group of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians has been very interested in such a product for years.

“With the breakthrough of its market introduction and large-scale production, a large group of consumers can enjoy this very tasty plant-based product.

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“The smell, taste and bite can hardly be distinguished from real steak and we are convinced that this product will meet a large need of consumers.

“It is very important that we eat less meat, both for our own health, animal welfare and for our planet. Innovative and high-quality plant-based products can make a significant contribution here.”

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