Tesco Profits Grow Following Release Of Vegan Range

The new Wicked Healthy Range is believed to have been one of the contributing factors.


UK supermarket chain Tesco has seen its share prices rise to the highest level since 2015, with many crediting the rise to the release of the vegan ‘Wicked Kitchen’ range.

The Wicked Kitchen range was launched in 600 Tesco stores back in January and consists of 20 different vegan meals.

A Tesco’s spokesperson told Plant Based News: “We have been pleased with the response to the range so far as well as an overwhelming positive reaction on social media.”

Tesco had previously been facing competition from budget UK supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi, and many other UK supermarkets have had to cut costs to try and compete.

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Combined with a Brexit-fueled surge in costs, Tesco would have done well to maintain, let alone experience growth in profits.

Fresh food and other pre-prepared meals such as Hearty Food Co. have also been credited for Tesco’s growth in shares.

Earlier in March, Tesco also added to their vegan range by introducing Swedish vegan meat brand ‘Oumph!’.

The products were picked by Derek Sarno, who is also the co-founder of the Wicked Healthy range that has helped Tesco increase their profits.


  1. As a head office employee, I’m 110% positive our rising profits is not owed to the launch of Wicked Kitchen, as much as deluded vegans would like to think so…

    • Hi Claire, as the article states, many have credited the rise in profits to not only the Wicked Kitchen range, but also the increase in fresh food and other pre-prepared meals such as Hearty Food Co.

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